GrubGone Granules 10lbs




For organic turf care, this easy to apply granule is effective at controlling various types of evasive grubs without harming beneficials such as honeybees, ladybugs, fish or birds. Unlike other Bt products, grubGONE! is not only effective against 1st instar pests but is also an effective control against the larger 2nd and 3rd instar grubs which appear later in the season. Therefore, grubGONE! can be used as either a curative early season remedy or preventative treatment in September – October for grub control all season.  Furthermore, since the active ingredient Bt is derived from a naturally occurring soil bacterium grubGONE! is safe for the environment and can be applied in areas that are frequented by kids and pets.


grubGONE! advantages:

  1. Controls all scarab grubs including Japanese Beetles, Masked Chafers, Asiatic Garden Beetles, Oriental Beetles, European Chafers and more.

  2. 10 lb bag will cover over 4,000 feet

  3. Protects the value of turf landscapes and ornamental plants by effectively controlling susceptible white grubs in the season of application

  4. A non-chemical choice for areas that kids and pets frequent

  5. Can be applied with other insect controls

  6. Helps manage resistance to chemistries with a new mode of action for IPM programs

  7. No label restrictions for bees or flowering plants

  8. As a naturally occurring soil bacterium, Bt bio insecticides provide a positive public perception

  9. Shelf life is greater than 2 years when stored as directed