Colorado’s Choice Four Step Plan


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The Four Step includes the same balanced, fast-acting Colorado’s Choice fertilizers that Denver gardeners have always trusted. It covers all the major feedings of the year and also has an early spring application of Crabgrass and Spurge Control. This is one of the most effective pre-emergent weed killers available. Crabgrass and Spurge Control works by creating a barrier just below the surface of soil that stops weed seeds before they sprout. It also feeds your lawn with a high-nitrogen 24-16-12 fertilizer to give you a quick spring green up. If you’ve had some problems with crabgrass or other annual weed grasses in the past, this is the program for you.


  • 1 bag of Colorado’s Choice Crabgrass and Spurge Control (March – April)
  • 1 bag of Colorado’s Choice Turf Food (May – June)
  • 1 bag of Colorado’s Choice Super Turf Food (July – August)
  • 1 bag of Colorado’s Choice Winterizer (October – November)Get Plan PDF