Colorado’s Choice B.O.S.S. 40 qt




Amending your soil is a crucial first step when planting. Trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and vegetables all benefit from a richly amended soil. Our Colorado soils tend to be alkaline and heavy with clay; not the most ideal combination for most plants. An organic soil amendment will help break up the clay and allow air and water to move more freely through the soil and to the plant’s roots. It will also help to decrease the pH balance of soil, making it less alkaline. In addition, an organic soil amendment will introduce beneficial organic material into the soil that plants use for food. Amended soils also better retain moisture, which helps conserve water.

The soil amendment that we recommend most is Colorado’s Choice B.O.S.S. (Bio Organic Soil Supplement). B.O.S.S. is made here in Colorado and it’s ideal for Colorado soils. B.O.S.S. is a rich, organic mixture of peat moss and EKO compost, fortified with mycorrhiaze.

Colorado’s Choice BOSS
B.O.S.S.’s EKO Compost is 100% Organic. It is thoroughly cured compost. Products that are only partially decomposed can actually reduce the amount of nitrogen available to your plants, because the micro-organisms will use the nitrogen to finish decomposing the material. EKO Compost uses only untreated wood products for a consistent mix due to its controlled quality ingredients.

Spaghnum Peat Moss
Sphagnum peat is harvested from bogs in Canada and the northern United States. It helps increase water retention in soil. It is also acidic which helps lower soil pH.

Mycorrhiaze refers to a variety of micro-organic fungi that form a mutually beneficial relationship with the roots of a plant. These microscopic fungi attach to the root system of the plant, either penetrating the cell wall or forming colonies around the roots. Here the fungi receive a steady supply of carbohydrates from the plant and in exchange, the plant uses the fungi’s extra surface area to absorb more water and mineral nutrients from the soil.